Our Service

Proxcloud is the most advanced RFID copying service in the world

Using this service anyone can easily and simply copy RFID cards

The Proxcloud service consists of two parts. A custom firmware image for the open source Proxmark3 device and web based service which handles decoding and copying cards. Together these three parts combine to form a super simple yet powerful card copying system.

Windows, Android, Mac and Linux are all supported. Setup is super simple, just follow the guide under Getting Started. If you want to know more about the service, such as the type of cards supported, continue reading below.


Copying Low Frequency cards has always been fast, even on very limited hardware. Copying High Frequency cards takes a little more time, but could usually be achieved within a couple of minutes on a normal PC. However with the introduction of the new more secure Mifare cards, it can take hours to copy even with a fast PC. Proxcloud leverages the power of cloud computing to copy even modern Mifare Classic cards fast. No more waiting for hours, even the newest cards can be copied in a matter of minutes.


Security is our top priority. All data is encrypted before leaving the reader using a unique symmetric key. The data is then encrypted again using industry standard SSL before being sent over the internet to our server. The server decrypts the card and sends back encrypted copying instructions to the reader.

All data sent to the server is automatically deleted after one hour*. This eliminates the possibility of data breach by hackers and gives you peace of mind that your card data cannot be leaked online.

Our service is anonymous. We don't know and care who you are. We promise that we don't keep any records of the cards you copy. If you are still worried about it, you can use a proxy server to hide your location.
*If copying a paid card fails (e.g. the Internet goes out), the cracked data will be stored until the next time you try to copy the card so you don't have to pay again to crack it.

Huge range of supported cards

Our card copying service supports the widest range of RFID cards in the world

Low Frequency cards:
  • EM4X
  • HID prox
  • Indala
  • GuardAll
  • Jablotron
  • Noralsy
  • Visa2000
  • Pyramid
  • Viking
  • Awid
  • FDX
High Frequency cards:
  • HID iClass Standard
  • HID iClass Elite+
  • PicoPass
  • Mifare Classic
  • Mifare Ultralight
  • Mifare Ultralight C
  • Ntag21x+
  • DESFire*+

We are adding support for new card types all the time. If your card type is not yet supported, or you want to help develop support for new card types, checkout out the Contributing section of the About Us page. *At this time it is only possible to copy the UID of DESFire cards, not the full card data. +Currently not operational, will be added before the end of beta


RFID cards have a wide range of security mechanisms designed to make copying harder. Cards with low are easy to copy, and are therefore always free to copy. Cards with medium and high security require large amounts of computing power or programming skill to copy, in order to copy these secure cards a fee is changed to cover the cost of copying. Below are the costs for different types of cards.

No Security Cards

  • The following cards are free:
  • EM4X · HID prox · Indala · GuardAll · Jablotron · Noralsy · Visa2000 · Pyramid · Viking · Awid · FDX
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Low Security Cards

  • Copying low security cards requires a fee
  • old Mifare Classic · Mifare Ultralight
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Medium Security Cards

  • Copying medium security cards requires a small fee
  • new Mifare Classic · Ntag21x
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High Security Cards

  • Copying high security cards requires a fee
  • HID iClass/PicoPass · DESFire
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