Getting Started

This guide will show you how to set up your reader and copy cards


The proxmark3 is an advanced RFID research tool. It is open source, and has a great development community behind it. It can be used to copy a wide range of RFID cards. However, as noted on the official wiki page "It should be pointed out quite early that the proxmark3 is not really for beginners. If you are not already fairly familiar with electronics, embedded programming, some RF design and ISO standards, this device will probably bring you more frustration than anything else!". This is where Proxcloud comes in, Proxcloud is a super simple interface which lets even beginners copy the most advanced and secure RFID cards. Below you will find instructions on where to get a Proxmark3 device, how to load the firmware and most importantly, how to copy your RFID card.

Choosing a reader

The Proxmark3 is open source, and as such there are a number of different versions available. Proxcloud works with all current versions of the hardware, if you already have a Proxmark3, you can skip this section, if you don't yet have a reader, see the options below for buying the device.

Proxcloud is not associated with any of the following sellers, but all of these devices can be used with the service.

Proxmark3 VX, latest version with protective case, can be bought from ProduceFuture

Improved hardware version, can be bought from ElecHouse

Simplified hardware version, can be bought on Ebay

The original Proxmark3 hardware version, can be bought from Rysc Corp

Proxmark3 rdv-4. A new hardware shape from proxmark3 forum members. Get it from KickStarter

Client software

Proxcloud has rewritten the the Proxmark3 software to make it easier to use, the Proxmark3 no longer requires you to compile and run client software. Once the new firmware is loaded, simply plug in the Proxmark3 and open the Proxcloud web page.

In order to use the Proxcloud service, the proxmark3 needs to be running our updated firmware. If you need to update to the new firmware, simply can download and run the the Proxcloud Firmware Loader Android app to update the firmware. If later you want to load the old firmware again, just select the Proxmark3 firmware option in the app. If you are familiar with manually updating the proxmark3 firmware, you can also download the firmware image here and load it yourself.

Step by step guide to copying a card

There are 4 simple steps to copy a card:

Scan card

Place the card on your proxmark and click the "Scan" button. The service will detect the card type and let you know if it can be copied.
Remember your proxmark3 has two antennas, one for Low Frequency and one for High Frequency, if scanning doesn't find the card at first, try putting your card on the other antenna and scan again, you can also try different positions and distances from the antenna to improve scanning.

Scan blank card

Place the blank card you want to copy to on the proxmark and click the "Verify" button. The service will check to make sure the blank card is the correct type of card. If it is, you can proceed to the next step. If the blank card is not the right type for the card you want to copy, the service will suggest places to buy the correct type of blank card.

Read card

Place the card you want to copy on the proxmark again and click the "Read" button. For secure cards this step will crack the card encryption, in most cases this will happen automatically, in a few special cases you will need to use the "Snoop" button to snoop communications between the card and a reader before the encryption can be cracked.

Write card

Place the blank card on the proxmark3 again, click the "Copy" button, once the copy is complete the status will show green. You can now use the newly copied card.


Most card types are free, see the pricing section for full details. If you only need to copy cards listed in the free section of the pricing chart, there is no need to add credit to your account, you can go right ahead and start copying cards. If you need to to copy secure cards, you will need to add credit to your account. Log in and click the "Add Credit" button, then choose a payment method.

Advanced card types require a small payment to copy because they take significant cloud computing resources to decode. If you want to copy the cards listed in the paid category, you will need to add credit to your account first.

You can add credit on the page. Because of legal threats from some RFID card manufacturers, I have had my Paypal account shut down in the past. For this reason I can only accept bitcoin payments. If you already have bitcoin, you can add it to your account balance directly, if you don't yet have bitcoin, you can buy it on ebay.