About Us

Proxcould is a service designed to make copying RFID cards easy

Proxcloud is hosted in Europe but available to anyone in the world.

I aim to provide a useful and ethical service. The Proxcloud service is meant to help ordinary people who need to make copies of their RFID cards. It can also be used by locksmiths and pentesters. Only those with permission to copy their card are allowed to use this service. Unauthorised copying of cards will result in being banned from the service. If you are aware of unethical use of the service, such as by hackers or criminals, please report them to help@proxcloud.eu.

Wide range of cards

Proxcloud already supports a very wide range of cards, but we're always looking to improve. If you have a card that can't yet be copied, contact me with details and I'll look into supporting it. Likewise, if you develop code to copy a new card type, we are happy to add it to our service and share the income with you. Contact me to discuss how we can work together.

We also run a collaborative "bug bounty" for card vulnerabilities. Below is the current list of bug bounty rewards. Contributing to the reward comes with no guarantee the card will be cracked, but if it is, you will get 100 free card copies for every 1€ you contribute.

Rules for bug bounty: Code or other research allowing copying of the listed cards qualify for the bounty. The details must remain private and be shared only with Proxcloud. Research must allow copying cards using today's hardware i.e. theoretical cryptanalysis which reduces the time needed to crack a card but would still take thousands of years does not qualify for the reward.


The source for this website can be found on github, if you find a bug, you can create a report on github, if you want to help improve the site, such as translating it into your language, or improving the UI, please submit a pull request.